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New amazing armour and decorative weapon kit "King of the East"


2nd generation Eastern Armour kit This kit is a second generation of our Eastern armour kit, first one is "Prince of the East" armor .

What's included?

  • Cuirass (breastplate, backplate, sideplates)

  • Pauldrons

  • Bazubands

  • Elbow cops

  • Greaves

  • Knee cops

Other parts are available for purchase, we have two different types of gauntlets, great selection of accessories and decorative weapon and a matching helmet.


  • Stainless steel with etched patterns

  • Cut-through brass accents

  • Integrated suede lining (cuirass)

  • Removable elbow and knee cops

  • Leather straps reinforced with steel plates

  • Front-slit pivot joint

  • Original design


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