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New collection "Labirinth"

Proud to announce our brand new "Labyrinth" collection! Inspired by the Celtic and Irish styles, it helps to create a perfect Druidic look, and also suitable for countless uses. Features pure wool and hopsack linen clothing complemented with a bunch of leather and metal accessories, adorned with intricate patterns. Magically styled, it will call for sure the attention of folks around or hide from unwanted looks at your desire. This is an undoubtedly new level of expression who we are and what we’re striving to become - those, who craves for miracles, who are not afraid of witchcraft nor voices of the winds.
Fearless and reckless, the stranger of deserts and dunes is the hero of this saga, full of mystery and sacred rituals.
Instantly elevate the sophistication of your character's ensemble with these new items, looking so ancient but fresh in their pre-historic charm. Make a statement with no words - magic is closer than it appears with the "Labyrinth" collection!

Linen tunic

Leather bag

Bracelet 1

Bracelet 2



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