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Halberdiers Armor Kit “Hound Of War”

Halberdiers Armor Kit “Hound Of War”
Early 15th-century brigandine and splinted limbs protection

Here's our first shot opening the 'Hundred Years War' collection, intended to highlight variety in armor arts and solutions in the course of that period. We aimed to produce a typical set of armor for a common soldier based on the historical accounts, artworks, and artifacts when possible. ...By the time he was born, the bloody war has already lasted for several decades. Has he seen much, except struggle and poverty generated by the long-playing confrontation, revolts, and internal chaos? Serving through a feudal obligation or for pay, the war could be a means to improve his finances and status. Strong chance this man-at-arms gonna find his death on the battlefield, thankfully he's not the one who dreads the grave. The courage and ferocity of the 'hounds of war' went hand in hand with cynical contempt and greed. 15th-century infantrymen were often armed with polearms - pikes and halberds. Pikes were used only for the first strike, then halberdmen came into battle, spreading havoc among the enemy ranks. Guided by strong hands, a halberd could cut through helmets, shields and chain mail just like through paper. With its help, one could conduct heavy chopping and stabbing shocks.

Cabasset Helmet “Hound Of War” (15th century early cabasset)

Combat mittens with hinged thumb

Rerebraces, vambraces, and elbow couters set

Two-tone woolen gambeson with cords fastening


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