armstreet (armstreet) wrote,

Fantasy Dress and Fantasy Bodice “Lost Princess”

Every princess - both fairy and the real one - has to deal with troubles, tragedies and disasters. Every princess can find herself in a state where dresses with train, golden crown and ermine mantle are inappropriate and where she needs durable shoes, traveling dress of an easy-care fabric and a warm cozy cape for weather protection. But never the real princess falls asleep on a pea though covered with dozen feather-beds and never the real princess ignores etiquette, delicacy and elegance. If you are a princess fated to wander in search of shelter and protection - this garb is just the one for you!

The dress is made of ordinary cotton fabric - coin a phrase, “or every occasion”. Tight bodice neatly enfolds the slender body, ample puffed sleeves liberate movements, high cuffs are fitted snugly to the hands (no worries about falling into the flame of fireplace or into the salad bowl at meal).
Full skirt draped into soft folds suits perfectly both for promenades and horse riding. Low neckline coquettishly reveals chemise underdress. Delicate though noble trim with Mauritanian ornament turns it into gala dress, but not into a pompous one. Thickened bodice (two layers of fabric) tightens up with the dense lacing on the sides - the closest analogue of a modern zip-fastener. Curved joint line between bodice and skirt can be accentuated with the chain belt.

This elegant velvet vest has an inimitable charm effused to any attire it is worn with. Moderate noble play of colours of high quality Italian velvet is in attractive contrast to the dull mat fabric of the dress. A bodice unlike a corset has no boning hence lets the bearer breath and move freely. However velvet is reinforced by special fabric - haircloth - which keeps fit and prevent the deformation due to tight lacing. The bodice emphasizes waistline and tenderly folds breast - upbearing and focusing on your curves. Low stand up collar and elaborate design of the ornately shaped yoke fetch out princess aristocratical bearing. V-shaped fore lacing allows easy aidless adjustment of the tightness. Coquettish quilted “wings” sleeves and tassets with half-round scallops contribute to matchless fascination of the unisex Baroque costume.

Tags: armstreet, dress, medieval dress

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